Great expectations

I’ve intended to put up a web site for Memorable Learning for a couple of years now, and today is the day I finally do it. Procrastination is not ultimately a satisfying process.

Memorable Learning is me: writer, instructional designer, technology adopter, cooking enthusiast, and curious storyteller.  In this site I hope to share some of what I’ve learned in more than a half-century of observation and also my latest efforts to master the task at hand.  Once I figure out what goes where on this web site template, that is.


Memorable Learning was founded after almost 30 years of telling the stories of people passionate about what they are doing. It began as writing laboratory reports to support a method of protecting a third-world farmer’s hard-won harvest from rats, but soon expanded. Whether it’s explaining a new software product to users, teaching engineers how to share data with international counterparts through an enterprise-wide system, or bringing accountants up to date on new developments in their fields, I’ve been privileged to work with some of the most passionate people in the world.

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