Learning Storyline™

One of my goals for 2015 was to regain my skills as an elearning developer.  I had developed a number of courses in Lectora™ and Articulate™, but over the last few years, my work had tended to be more content design and project management, with the development left to others.  However, I believe that understanding how an online course is created expands my creative options as a designer.  The world of online training has changed rapidly in the last 5 years, and I felt the need to learn and refresh. So I am learning to use Storyline 2™ by Articulate.  There are a number of excellent learning development platforms available, but Storyline has a number of features I have not seen elsewhere, plus a robust, supportive user community, which makes all the difference for a new user.  So check out my first Storyline course: Catproofing your house.

Great expectations

I’ve intended to put up a web site for Memorable Learning for a couple of years now, and today is the day I finally do it. Procrastination is not ultimately a satisfying process.

Memorable Learning is me: writer, instructional designer, technology adopter, cooking enthusiast, and curious storyteller.  In this site I hope to share some of what I’ve learned in more than a half-century of observation and also my latest efforts to master the task at hand.  Once I figure out what goes where on this web site template, that is.