Welcome to Memorable Learning

Memorable Learning is the result of my years of experience in instructional design and development.  We offer our clients high quality, effective training based on their content expertise and my experience in creating training for companies large and small.  We began developing training seminars in 1986, and have specialized in elearning and blended curricula since 2000.

Learning can bring out the best in your people – remember the awe you felt when you first learned to read, or the first time you mastered a word processor?  When a learner recognizes that he can perform that new process or use that new software you’ve installed, change becomes less scary, and everyone benefits.  That’s the effect we try to achieve at Memorable Learning.  Check out the “Designing and developing learning” page for more about us.

While Memorable Learning is a training development company, you’ll find other topics discussed on this web site.  My personal interests are broad, and I want to share observations about my current projects, many of which involve cooking and technology.  You’ll find those musings on the pages “Thinking out loud” and “Bulgar for two and other adventures in cooking”.  I invite you to check out any and all of those pages.

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